Manhattan Beach Youth Basketball (MBYB) is a recreational basketball program for boys and girls from kindergarten through 12th grade. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for MBYB players to have a positive experience playing basketball.

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   Name  Email Address
President Mark Sprague
Secretary Greg Dyer
Treasurer Adam Shea
Registrar Greg Dyer
Procurer Mark Sprague
Webmaster Thomas Morley
Scorekeeping Ron Tani
Past Presidents:    
  Steve Staver

  Kit McCalla

2023 Commissioners 

BK Kelly & Scott  Irwin
B1 Hayley Curtis
B2 Steve Schroeder
B3 James Maertz
B4 Geoff Ludwig
B5 Drew Thelen
B6 Geoff Ludwig
B7 Laura Wallace
B8 Joe Trenkamp
B9-12 Mark Sprague
GK1 Stephanie Ip
G2 Matthew Riley
G3 Chris Talbott
G4 Jason Mcintyre
G5 Carol Reach
G6 - 8 Jeff Yeh
G9-12 Mark Sprague
Friendship John Zimniski
Officials Don Taylor